Your Weekend’s Pokemon Go Lure and PokeCrawl Guide

The Pokemon Go craze has taken our sunny island by storm, with malls along the major shopping belt of Orchard Road planting Lures to attract Pokemon fans/shoppers. Companies like Razer has even organised their own PokeCrawl for their community at large. And the craze seems to have spread to the major ...

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Here’s a peek at Phantom of the Kill’s new Killer Princes

Back in October, gumi announced that the international version of Phantom of the Kill would launch with Killer Princes, male manifestations of Killer Princesses that go about ruining most demons’ day. We finally have a bit more information on three such individuals, including a handful of in-game screenshots. Need ...

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Bloodline Beta now available

Itching for something fun on your Android smartphone? Then check out the Bloodline beta, a game published by Cherry Credits, which became available last week. About Bloodline Bloodline is a mobile role-playing card game with emphasis on deep variety of character customization, allowing for a roster of heroes that ...

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