Death's Door: Aftermath - 01

There’s a choose-your-own-adventure RPG on Mixer, complete with live dungeon masters

Twitch Plays Pokémon was a fascinating development in 2014, an attempt at corralling the chaotic energies that is Twitch chat into a crowdsourced playthrough of Pokémon Red. The endeavor resulted in a Guinness World Record and the “Twitch Plays” movement, one that eventually saw hundreds to thousands of participants ...

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mixer co-streaming

The livestreaming battle: How Mixer differs from the rest

Tackling social is a prime obsession of the games industry and standing at the top is Twitch, head and shoulders above the many competitors spawned in its wake. The livestreaming service drives both regular gaming and esports, exhibiting so much potential that Amazon snatched it from Google’s hands in ...

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