Microsoft and Sony are developing cloud gaming and AI together

It’s not even E3 yet but Microsoft and Sony have pulled off the biggest shocker of the year: a partnership to develop cloud gaming and AI technology. This marks a historic partnership between the two tech giants, often seen as head-to-head rivals for the past three console generations. Microsoft’s official ...

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xbox one s all-digital edition

The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will go for $368

Xbox has maintained a core tenet since its inception: that gamers are at the center of everything it does. They have no intention of slipping up again, and the latest iteration of their Xbox One console emphasises digital accessibility and affordability in games. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition targets ...

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Xbox One S goes disc-less with the All-Digital Edition

Microsoft is making an Xbox with no disc drive. Dubbed the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, it launches in the US on 7 May with Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, and Forza Horizon 3 pre-installed for US$250. The new Xbox One works best with the Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, the All-Digital Edition console won’t be ...

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Microsoft Windows 10 Game Bar - Apr 2019 update

Microsoft updates Game Bar with Spotify integration, updated chat

The Windows 10 Game Bar is getting some functionality upgrades, all of which can be tested in a new opt-in beta. The Game Bar can be activated by hitting “Win + G” on your keyboard, where you can already get quick access to gaming features such as broadcasting, video recording, ...

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Rumour: Next-gen Xbox will be announced at E3 2019

Lockhart and Anaconda. Those are the codenames for two next-gen Xbox consoles that Microsoft is rumored to announce at E3 2019. Thurott and Jeux Video came forward with the news over the weekend, with the former citing sources familiar with the company’s plans. They write that the Microsoft is ...

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Xbox Live is going cross-platform with Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android with a new cross-platform SDK set to debut at GDC 2019. These devices will be able to share achievements, social systems, and multiplayer with the PC and Xbox family, rapidly advancing the company’s dream of a barrier-free future ...

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xbox one

Microsoft has fixed the “black screen epidemic” on Xbox One

Was your Xbox One console only displaying a black screen upon startup, among other title screen issues? If yes, you weren’t alone. Xbox One consoles all over the world ran into similar problems, blossoming into what was essentially a black screen epidemic. Fortunately, judging by a tweet from Xbox Support, ...

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CES 2019: Razer reveals Turret for Xbox One, 22 games now support keyboard and mouse

Remember when Microsoft announced keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One, saying they’ve partnered with Razer to get “best-in-class hardware” for the console? Well, that time has come. The Turret for Xbox One is the first official, wireless mouse and keyboard combo for the stout system. It’s a mechanical ...

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Xbox One Greaseproof Controller - 01

Does the Xbox One Greaseproof Controller really work?

This article is not endorsed by the Health Promotion Board. They’re probably horrified, really. You may have heard about it. The Xbox One Greaseproof Controller, specially coated in a urethane material to ward off oils as you feast on chicken — the dinner choice of winners. It was a ...

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Things you may have missed from Microsoft’s X018

Last weekend, Microsoft held its X018 event at Mexico City and a lot of hefty announcements were made on the stage. Here’s a recap of the most important news you may have missed: Microsoft works on exclusivity, acquires Obsidian and inXile Entertainment Exclusive games have always been Microsoft’s weak ...

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