LG 38GL950G

LG has two new ultrawide monitors for CES 2019

The E3 of consumer hardware, CES 2019, is fast approaching to drown us all in announcement after announcement. News and teasers are already beginning to flow in up on the batting plate is LG with a new set of ultrawide monitors. For something specifically gaming there’s the LG 38GL950G (above), ...

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LG 32GK850G - Review 01

Review: The 31.5-inch LG 32GK850G brings surprising performance in a VA monitor

LG has maintained a steady presence in gaming with their line of monitors and one of their latest, the LG 32GK850G, ticks all the right boxes for those with an affinity of the dark. Rather than shoring all its weight behind a particular strength, this monitor offers a surprisingly ...

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LG G7+ ThinQ

Try out the new LG G7+ ThinQ at Zouk tomorrow, 22 May

LG is hosting a preview of their new G7+ ThinQ flagship phone at Singapore’s Zouk club tomorrow, 22 May. Open to the public from 6–8PM, the event dangles a couple of incentives for would-be attendees, particularly fans of South Korean boy band BTS. It begins with the door gift. ...

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LG HE & IT 2018 Launch

LG Singapore reveals 2018 home entertainment and IT lineup

If you were planning on making some purchases for your home entertainment set-up this year then here are some of the latest offerings from LG. From TVs and soundbars to ultrawide gaming monitors, the company’s 2018 line-up for Singapore packs enough excitement for both console and PC gamers alike. ...

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Review - LG 34UC89G 01

Review: The LG 34UC89G shapes up nicely for ultra-wide gaming at 1080p

CompatiThe sharp lines and black-red colors of the LG 34UC89G makes it clear that this curved ultra-wide is built for gaming. The 34-inch IPS finally brings Nvidia G-Sync to the LG table, yet like its predecessor is locked to a 2560 × 1080 resolution. Even so, the reduced pixel ...

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LG’s new gaming monitors to appear at this weekend’s IT Show 2018

IT Show 2018 is in town this weekend and here to rope in the gamers is LG. Debuting at the electronics fair are two of the company’s latest monitors, the 32GK850G and 27GK750F, first revealed at IFA Berlin 2017. The LG 32GK850G is a 32-inch 144Hz QHD (2560×1440) monitor ...

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lg 38uc99 review 01

Review – Break free with the LG 38UC99 ultrawide monitor

Like mice and keyboards, monitors are a highly personal choice. Other than space and budget constraints, there are questions on resolution, panel types, refresh rates, and so much more. It’s why we have so many options, and where the LG 38UC99 is concerned, that option reads: “Go big.” As ...

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LG SJ7 Sound Bar Flex - speakers

Review – Sound bar or Home theater? LG’s SJ7 Sound Bar Flex gives you both

They may call it a sound bar but the LG SJ7 Sound Bar Flex is capable of so much more. Speaking to the company’s knack for the fun and unusual, this wireless speaker system easily morphs into a traditional 2.1 or a 4.1 surround with barely a hint of effort, ...

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LG G6 review

Review – The LG G6 is still a strong Android contender

LG has seemingly abandoned their sense of adventure with the release of the LG G6 smartphone. Ditching the novel and sometimes innovative designs of its predecessors, the flagship is decidedly more safe and conventional this time around. Familiar doesn’t necessarily mean boring, however, as the Android 7.0 phone still ...

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Review – The LG 34UC79G is a decent gateway to ultra-wide IPS gaming

As the window to our digital world, the importance of a good monitor cannot be overstated. A lovingly built gaming rig will be all for naught if the video it produces is rendered as a blurry, tinted mess. This isn’t a call to blow your next paycheck on the ...

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