Interview: Tomoaki Ayano on Street Fighter V

The heavy downpour did little to dampen a lively crowd thronging Queen Street on Feb 19. After all, they were there to witness some of the world’s best professional fighters in action, ones that hurled fireballs and hurricanes with seeming ease. Substituting boxing gloves for a well-built fightstick, Team ...

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Celebrate Street Fighter V’s launch in Singapore with Capcom’s Tomoaki Ayano

Street Fighter V is getting a power-packed launch party on 19 February 2016, with the game’s assistant producer, Tomoaki Ayano, scheduled to make a guest appearance alongside pro gamers Xian, Infiltration, and Gackt of Team Razer. Organized by BEast of the East, the same folks who gave us the ...

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Wings of Liberty going for just US$20 [Updated: Only boxsets available!]

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is going for half off, at US$20, in anticipating of the Heart of the Swarm launch. If you’ve always wanted to get your mitts on StarCraft II but found the initial pricing of WoL off-putting, now’s your chance. Grab that US$20 digital copy of the game ...

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