Review: Kingdom Hearts III feels stifling when it should have been full of whimsy and magic

It has taken Square Enix about 13 years to come up with a numbered sequel to 2005’s Kingdom Hearts II. Entire franchises have come and gone in that time (we still miss you, Dead Space), and maybe that’s why Kingdom Hearts III feels like a relic from a bygone ...

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Review: Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue

If you find the title a mouthful and perhaps confusing, you’re not alone. Why is there a combination of Roman numerals and numbers in “II.8”? What does “Final Chapter Prologue” means? In the past, there were curiously named titles such “358/2 Days”, “Re:Chain of Memories” and “Birth by Sleep”. ...

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Japan is getting a Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix announced today (via Gematsu) the PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary Edition, slated for a Japanese release on January 12. Decked out in a Kingdom Hearts logo and monogram, the limited edition model comes with a custom PlayStation 4 dashboard theme and custom ...

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Kingdom Hearts (PS2) will be remixed for the PS3

Kingdom Hearts will be remade for the PS3 this Fall! Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix will be a re-release of the PS2 action-RPG with visual enhancements and additions not seen in the original PS2 edition. The game will also feature Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, a previously-released Japanese version of ...

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