ROG Strix Scope 02

The ASUS ROG Strix Scope keyboard gives more ‘control’ than ever before

Between you and me, most times a headline like that is purely sensational. This is not one of those times, though you really need a bit of context to appreciate it. Ever played an FPS game? Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefield, that sort of thing? Then you’ll know how ...

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CES 2019: Feast your eyes on ASUS ROG’s new PNK LTD gear!

And we thought ASUS ROG products couldn’t get any quirkier. After landing the Mothership laptop at CES 2019, they’ve followed things up with a new line of limited-edition gaming gear. Titled as the PNK LTD line, the items feature a light pink and grey palette that’s easy on the eyes. However, ...

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mad catz returns

Peripherals brand Mad Catz returns under new management

The journey isn’t over for Mad Catz, the gaming peripherals brand known for their RAT mice, arcade FightSticks, and more. After a bankruptcy filing early last year, the company is back and ready for CES 2018 under new Chinese management. “We couldn’t be more excited than to begin 2018 ...

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Dell shows off new gaming line-up at Plaza Singapura flagship store

The Dell flagship store hosted a ‘First Look Showcase & Gaming Event’ earlier this evening, highlighting the company’s ongoing commitment to PC. Key products unveiled were the new Inspiron 7000 and XPS 13 gaming laptops, both featuring updated hardware to attract gamers and professionals on the go. Ray Wah, ...

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Razer Turret brings the keyboard and mouse combo to living rooms

The keyboard and mouse has never entered living rooms the same way controllers have wound up on desks. They’re large, clunky, and often require some extra setting up. Razer, ever eager to birth more peripherals, thinks they’ve found a solution. The Razer Turret consists of a wireless “lapboard” with ...

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Light It Up With These RGB Mechanical Keyboards

Gaming peripherals have never been shy about letting your desktop glow like a radioactive relic, yet the choice of keyboard LED colors have always felt lacking. With several mice on the market already offering custom lighting options, it’s time for their clackety counterparts to catch up. Here are two ...

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The Armaggeddon End of the World Gift Guide

So it’s doomsday today, according to the Mayan calendar. While the world hasn’t ended yet – and we’re still not sure if it will, since, you know, we’re a gaming news site and not meteorologists – we do have a nifty gift guide for those of you who want ...

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