avengers infinity war 8-bit rpg disney japan

Disney Japan turns Avengers: Infinity War into an old-school JRPG

Managing to stay away from Avengers: Infinity War spoilers so far? Don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you what happens. Rather, here’s a fun trailer that Disney Studios Japan did to promote Marvel’s upcoming film. Rather than slapping on subtitles on what their US counterparts already have, they’ve ...

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tokyo 2020 olympics ambassadors

Son Goku, Naruto, and Sailor Moon are just some of the ambassadors for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japanese schoolchildren are currently voting for the official Tokyo 2020 Olympics mascot, but the winner won’t be pulling double duty as the Games’ ambassador. Instead, that honor has been afforded to a cast of cultural icons, some of whom are famous throughout the world. No, not the yakuza — ...

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Koei Tecmo lists their top three VR Sense games

Christmas dates and chicken dinners aside, some Japanese got to spend their year-end holidays with Koei Tecmo’s new virtual reality pods, VR Sense. Released to the public on 21 December, these machines racked up more than 5,000 plays in just five days, allowing the publisher to gather just which ...

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VR Zone Shinjuku Exterior Night

Bandai Namco opens VR Zone Shinjuku on 14 July, considering Singapore and other locations

After the success of “VR Zone: Project i CAN” on Tokyo’s Odaiba island, Bandai Namco are proceeding with their largest virtual reality entertainment facility yet. VR Zone Shinjuku, a two-storey building housing more than 15 activities, opens its doors on 14 July. For those that can’t make the trip, ...

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Interview with Wargaming.net's Jasper Nicholas

In this second part of our World of Tanks: Japanese Tech Tree feature, we spoke with Wargaming Asia-Pacific General Manager, Jasper Nicholas, about the fickle Japanese online gaming market, and the challenges the company face in the land of the Rising Sun. GA: Japan has the longest history with ...

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Japanese League of Legends Team Gets Sponsor

Rampage, the Japanese League of Legends team that took first place at the 2013 World Cyber Games Japan Qualifier, is now proudly sponsored by European peripherals manufacturer Ozone Gaming Gear. They’ve since been renamed as Ozone Rampage. The announcement is a promising headway for the budding Japanese eSports scene, ...

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