Gamevice Impression: An iPhone gaming controller

Ever wanted to have more accurate controls over your games in your iPhone? The Gamevice accessory might just be your answer. The Gamevice turns your iPhone into a handheld console with “physical” controls – and into a form factor not unlike a Nintendo Switch. So instead of skidding your ...

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Review: Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery

Logitech’s latest Apple accessory is a retro-styled console controller that swallows your iPhone and provides physical buttons for playing games. Touchscreen devices are fantastic for tapping out an email, browsing the web or even the occasional Angry Birds. But try playing complicated games and it all gets a bit ...

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iOS 6: My New Favourite Features

The new software update Apple has dropped for iOS users serves up quite a bit of improvements and new features to our compatible devices, with the iPhone 4S having the closest software experience before the iPhone 5 arrives. Let me show you some of my favourite features.

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