Marvel’s Spider-Man is getting two suits from Spider-Man: Far From Home as free DLC

Insomniac is adding two new skins from Spider-Man: Far From Home into Marvel’s Spider-Man in a brand new update. This means you can now swing around New York in not one, not two, but three of MCU Spidey’s suits to your heart’s content.  These two new suits, in addition ...

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Marvel's Spider-Man - Preview 01

Digging into Marvel’s Spider-Man with Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson

With the phenomenal God of War behind us, PlayStation has been busy setting up Marvel’s Spider-Man as the next must-have exclusive of the year. The spectacular E3 2018 gameplay showcase and handsome limited edition console have already left fans buzzing, but what we still know little about is the ...

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E3 2018: Meet Spider-Man’s greatest foes in this new gameplay trailer

Electro made his debut in a new gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, released earlier today at Sony PlayStation’s E3 Showcase. Together with Scorpion, Rhino, The Vulture, and Negative Man, the gang of villains have come out in force to ruin Spidey’s day. The trailer gives us a super-powered chase ...

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Marvel's Spider-Man Collector's Edition SG

The collector’s edition for Marvel’s Spider-Man is a cool $229

The Singaporean branch of Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the local prices for the various physical and digital editions of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Expect to set aside S$229 if you’re hoping to pick up the collector’s edition, a subject of some curiosity for its half-revealed statue. Details on the different ...

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Marvel’s Spider-Man releases on 7 September

Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man is swinging onto PlayStation 4 on 7 September. Accompanying the release date are peeks at both the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Editions, the latter containing a half-revealed statue by Gentle Giant. Like the classics before it, Marvel’s Spider-Man is an open world action-adventure set among ...

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E3 2017: Sony shows off gameplay footage for PS4 exclusive Spider-Man

We finally got to see some gameplay footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man (working title) courtesy of Sony’s E3 press conference, showcasing a mix of traversal, combat, envrionmental interaction, and Spidey being himself. Just look at that suit, the animations, and that spectacular webbing (not something you expect to type). If ...

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Review: Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

I had homing missiles, ricocheting disc blades, and even a lava-spewing flamethrower but none of these seemed appropriate for the brutish warbot approaching me. A towering hulk of guns and armor, eyes gleaming red, it was the very model of intimidation. So I turned it into a sheep, just ...

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Ratchet & Clank blasts off on April 12

The silver screen debut for everyone’s favorite Lombax and bot duo is just about ready, and so too is their videogame homecoming. Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that PlayStation 4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank will be available in Singapore on April 12, priced at S$59.90 and S$52.40 for the ...

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Review: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

Video game creators and marketers like their buzzwords. Today, one of the terms people like to talk about when promoting their new game is “traversal” – namely, the ways in which a player can move around the virtual world. Many games have put a lot of effort into making traversal ...

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