NBA team Miami Heat picks up their own eSports organization

The great chasm between traditional sports and professional gaming has narrowed once more. NBA team Miami Heat has acquired a stake in eSports organization Misfits. The partnership was announced on Jan. 11 (via ESPN) and will see the basketball franchise assisting with marketing, branding, promotion, and sponsorship activation. Misfits started ...

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BlizzCon 2016: Hearthstone’s next expansion is Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be getting a new expansion early next month. Called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the expansion will not only introduce a plethora of new cards, but it will also create new classes that are an amalgamation of the current roster. The new expansion’s major contribution ...

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Hearthstone: Rising Above the New Wave of Online Card Games

There must be something about Hearthstone that cannot be said for other new releases in the past few months. During its closed beta, the game has been touted as a possible legitimate eSport, with independent tournaments and competitive games watched by the thousands on Twitch. Access to the game ...

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