Amateur Hearthstone Tournament Starts 30 November

We’re no stranger to tournaments for Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft here in Singapore but there’s always that pressure of being outclassed by some Legendary player. Now amateurs everywhere can comfortably get together and pray to the RNG gods at the Top Deck League. Organized by with prizes ...

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Hearthstone Now on iPad, Reaches Southeast Asia Next Week

Hearthstone going mobile has been the one thing we’ve looked forward to since launch. Sitting by a desk, trading cards and spamming “Well met!” has been fun and all, but getting to do that while outside and bored Is just too lovely of a notion to pass up. Besides, ...

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Hearthstone Enters Open Beta in US, Other Regions Soon

And in one fell swoop, hundreds of beta key requests have been immediately silenced. Blizzard has declared that their wildly popular Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now in open beta for North America, with all other regions scheduled to follow “within the next few days”. Despite a mixed reception ...

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