jabra elite 65t review 01

Review: The Jabra Elite 65t ticks all the right boxes for wireless earbuds

The Apple AirPods shone a massive spotlight on going cable-free, spurring greater competition and interest from the field. As with anything audio related, models now occupy both ends of the price spectrum, though most named brands sit beyond the $100 mark. That’s especially true for the Jabra Elite 65t, ...

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mad catz returns

Peripherals brand Mad Catz returns under new management

The journey isn’t over for Mad Catz, the gaming peripherals brand known for their RAT mice, arcade FightSticks, and more. After a bankruptcy filing early last year, the company is back and ready for CES 2018 under new Chinese management. “We couldn’t be more excited than to begin 2018 ...

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Gear up for Overwatch with these Razer hardware

Razer has announced that an Overwatch-themed headset, keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat are now available for purchase, less than a week from the game’s highly anticipated launch. The products in question are based on the Razer ManO’War Tournament Edition analog wired headset, the BlackWidow Chroma keyboard, the DeathAdder Chroma ...

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Review: Astro A50 7.1 Wireless Headset

Nothing enhances the gaming experience like a nice headset. Surround sound creates an immersive experience, and turns the footsteps of a foe into a dead giveaway of his location. Single player campaigns become journeys you won’t want to back out of. Online, having a mic makes gaming into a ...

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