The 4 different editions of Horizon Zero Dawn

  Guerilla Games’ mecha-dino hunting expedition, otherwise known as Horizon Zero Dawn, releases on 28 February 2017. That’s exactly 12 weeks from now, for anyone wanting to do a countdown. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that four different editions will be available, with pre-orders starting on 9 December. To ...

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Horizon: Zero Dawn lets you hack nearly every machine in the game

E3 2016: When Horizon: Zero Dawn releases for the PlayStation 4 in 2017, players will be able to do more than just destroy or steal from robot dinosaurs – they’ll be able to use them. While the latest E3 trailer showed Aloy converting a Broadhead into a mount, developers ...

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Killzone: Shadow Fall The Black Hand

Meet The Black Hand from Killzone: Shadow Fall

We saw our first glance of The Black Hand in the announce trailer six months ago. With their slim silhouettes and cloaking technology, one would easily think of these as assassins for the Helghan Empire. That description comes pretty close, it seems – these aren’t your typical Helghast soldiers. ...

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