gravity rush 2 server extension

Gravity Rush 2 services extended to 19 July

After an outpouring of fan support for the beloved Gravity Rush games, Sony has quietly decided to extend the online services for Gravity Rush 2. The servers were originally due to shutdown on 19 January, just a week from now, before the uplifting news was discovered and shared by ...

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gravity rush 2 kat & raven

Gravity Rush 2 services go offline on 19 January 2018

The online service for Gravity Rush 2 ends on 19 January 2018, just a day after the game’s first anniversary. The bittersweet announcement comes from the Gravity Rush Service Team, who thanked avid players and fans for their support. While upsetting, the news isn’t unexpected since Gravity Rush 2 ...

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A Cute Flying Cat helped Gravity Rush 2 TV Commercial to win accolades

Back in January, PlayStation Japan released a TV commercial for Gravity Daze 2, better known as Gravity Rush 2 in English regions. Titled “Gravity Cat”, the live-action ad recently won accolades at various award shows, including a Gold Pencil at The One Show and two Grand Prizes at New ...

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Gravity Rush 2 review characters

Review: Embracing the dreamy fall through Gravity Rush 2

You’ve played open-world games before but not quite like this. Just as Spider-Man 2 invoked web-slinging joy between the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, Gravity Rush 2 elicits the same starry-eyed wonder as Kat hovers and falls through various floating cities. It’s an experience that burns itself in one’s memory, ...

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(Updated) Gravity Rush 2 launches on 18 Jan, free side story DLC

Gravity Rush 2 is coming to Singapore on 18 January 2017, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is tagged with a suggested retail price of $72.90 for the Standard Edition and $82.90 $80.90 (pricing updated) for the Limited Edition. Developed by SIE Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2 ...

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