Outlaw motorcycle clubs coming to GTA Online

Los Santos will soon see scores of motorcycles roaming its streets thanks to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online: Bikers update. Available soon, Bikers introduces player-created motorcycle clubs, new gameplay, new bikes, and new venues to support the 1%er lifestyle. Up to 8 players can band together to form ...

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Lead an organization in GTA Online's free update next week

It pays to have structure, which is why Grand Theft Auto Online is getting a free update next week that lets players form their own criminal organizations, complete with contracts to hire other players as bodyguards. Executives and Other Criminals introduces the concept of VIPs, a role that allows ...

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Go Low and Slow in the Latest GTA Online Update

Name a game that lets you bounce around in a lowrider fitted with hydraulics. If you answered Lowriders (PlayStation 2) or Lowrider Car Game Pro (mobile) then, well, technically you’re not wrong but the answer we’re shooting for is Grand Theft Auto. A free update for Grand Theft Auto ...

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Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Pushes Forward With Grand Theft Auto Online

Last night saw the multiplayer reveal for Grand Theft Auto Online, easing some of the tense excitement that Rockstar has been teasing us with the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen it yet, then hey, here you go: So what do you think? Thankfully there’s just enough ...

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