Stadia is Google’s bold plan on tackling game streaming, launching in 2019

Google isn’t stepping into the gaming arena, it’s building digital stadiums. Or Stadia, as the tech giant calls it. Revealed this morning after weeks of mixed anticipation, the Alphabet Inc. firm presented a game streaming platform that could be truly revolutionary, should its lofty goals translate to real-world results ...

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Google will unveil its new Project Yeti gaming hardware next month

And here I thought foldable smartphones were rocking the boat. By comparison, Google intends to rock an entire ocean liner. The company announced that it would unveil its new gaming hardware at a major video game conference in March. According to CNBC’s report (thanks guys), “Project Yeti” will supposedly ...

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Indie Games Accelerator 2018

A chat with The Gentlebros and BattleBrew Productions on Google’s first Indie Games Accelerator

With the conclusion of Google’s first ever Indie Games Accelerator Bootcamp right here in Singapore, we had a chance to talk to some of our very own homegrown and talented indie game developers. Specifically Desmond Wong, CEO of The Gentlebros and Shawn Toh, CEO of Battlebrew Productions. The Gentlebros (official ...

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Google Indie Games Accelerator 2018 - SG Grads

Google held the world’s first Indie Games Accelerator right here in Singapore

For a class of select indie game developers, stepping into Google’s Asia-Pacific headquarters must have felt like a dream. An all-expenses paid trip to Singapore, brushing shoulders with like-minded peers and mentors teeming with industry knowledge — all to better improve their craft. It was the first Indie Games ...

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