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Review — Gintama Rumble (PS4) is a wild mash-up of the anime and Dynasty Warriors

There’s no delicate way to put it but Gintama Rumble on PlayStation 4 is pretty much “Dynasty Warriors Gintama”. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Warriors­-creators Omega Force should be tickled pink at what Tamsoft Corporation have created. The gameplay and control scheme are so similar ...

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Gintama Rumble unveils its first trailer and fan-voted DLC

Gintama Rumble rolls out on 18 January for Southeast Asia, revealed Bandai Namco Entertainment. New details for the PlayStation 4 game include its first promotional trailer, Japanese rock band Spyair, and a Day-1 bonus DLC that would leave 2D girls furiously blushing. Dubbed the “Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong ...

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