Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal - Maliwan

Gearbox drops a new video profiling Borderlands 3’s Promethea!

Hello, mercenary person. Do you feel you have a lot of time and not enough Borderlands 3? Yes? First and foremost, if you read that line in Sir Hammerlock’s voice, I’m really proud of you. Jokes aside, developer Gearbox Software has released yet another trailer for the much-awaited title, ...

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Gearbox drops more Borderlands 3 info at Guardian Con!

Borderlands 3 is one of the most hotly-awaited games of 2019, and for good reason – we’ve waited over seven years! So it goes without saying that fans are keen for any associated news or releases. Fortunately, developer Gearbox Software has been rather generous here, having dropped yet another ...

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gearbox software ceo randy pitchford

Former Claptrap voice actor accuses Gearbox CEO of physical assault

In a heated back and forth on Twitter, ex-Claptrap voice actor David Eddings claimed that Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford had physically assaulted him in 2017. Gearbox is best known as the developer behind the popular Borderlands franchise, with Borderlands 3 coming out in Sep this year. The Twitter ...

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Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal - Group Combat

Zane and Amara get the spotlight in Borderlands 3 worldwide gameplay reveal

Oof. It’s barely a week into May and already we’re waist-deep in explosive news. Last night, Gearbox Software and 2K hosted a livestream for Borderlands 3, showcasing more gameplay footage and even taking two of the new Vault Hunters for a spin. On top of that, the team also unveiled ...

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Borderlands 3 Moze

Gearbox and 2K announce official Borderlands 3 Twitch Extension

Great news, Vault Hunters! Gearbox Software and 2K have just announced an official Twitch Extension for Borderlands 3. The Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension goes live tonight, just in time for the worldwide gameplay reveal happening at 1 am (May 2, GMT+8). The event will feature content creators and popular streamers from ...

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Borderlands 3 Calypso Twins

Borderlands 3 arriving Sep 13, PC version exclusive to Epic for 6 months

Wipe off your guns and reset those skill trees, Vault Hunters. Gearbox Software and 2K have announced that Borderlands 3 will be phasewalking into existence on Sep 13th! That’s less than half a year away! While you mull over your budget, perhaps you’d like to check out the latest ...

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Borderlands 3 confirmed! Here’s all we know

Seven years. For seven years we have been waiting, hoping for some shred of Borderlands 3, and today that wait has ended. (…Okay, fine, Diablo and Kingdom Hearts players had it a lot worse — hats off to you! — but seven years is still a pretty long time.) Wait for it… Concrete ...

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Borderlands PAX East 2019 tease

Looks like Gearbox are teasing Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software are teasing something for their PAX East 2019 panel in Boston later this month, and all of the very large signs are pointing to a new Borderlands. It all began with this. The cel-shaded style, desert, and bold graffiti  are all highly reminiscent of the beloved shooter-looter franchise. ...

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Gather your friends, co-op adventures await in Battleborn

In case you missed it, Gearbox Software’s Battleborn is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The first-person shooter takes after the new wave of hero-focused games, featuring 25 unique characters.  The genre’s about to get increasingly competitive but what sets Battleborn apart is its 5-player campaign ...

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Impressions: Gearbox Software nails co-op action with Battleborn

Release schedules can be difficult. Gearbox Software’s hero shooter, Battleborn, supposedly faces steep competition when it releases next month, three weeks ahead of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. Or will it? While the two games certainly portray the same melding of genres, their similarities don’t go beyond ‘team-based’, ‘online first-person shooter’, ...

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