Local devs deliver VR kungfu action with Kungfucious

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a martial arts practitioner, utilizing your ki as weapons? Or maybe imagining yourself as Street Fighter‘s Ryu, tossing out Hadoukens left and right? Well, we might get to experience exactly that with Kungfucious. Designed for VR, Kungfucious lets you take ...

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Stifled Review 01

Review: Stifled is pulled in opposite directions by innovative yet repetitive gameplay

Daredevil’s never been one of my favorite Marvel heroes. When you have time-traveling mutants and thunder gods, a blind human with enhanced senses really isn’t spectacular. Playing Stifled, however, has given me a whole new respect for the guy, enough to make me hope that Marvel sits up and ...

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Local indie horror game Stifled delayed to 2017

It’s going to be a scare-free end to the year after all. Gattai Games announced earlier today that Stifled, their sound-based survival thriller, will be delayed until 2017 for further work. Citing dissatisfaction with the game’s current state, the indie developer took to Facebook to explain the situation. “Earlier ...

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Horror game Stifled launches on 13 December, VR demo out now

Remember Stifled, the indie horror game that uses sound to see? Apparently it’ll be creeping into our lives just shy of Christmas, as Gattai Games have announced a firm 13 December release date for PC and Mac. To rustle our jimmies a little earlier, they’ve also released a Teaser ...

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Impressions: Stifled

Horror games have crawled out of its well and back into our lives. You know the market’s grown large enough when Resident Evil abandons the action-heavy route for creepy crawlies and jump scares, so imagine my delight when the E3 demo of Stifled lands in our inbox; we’ve seen ...

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