Razer Nari Ultimate - Review 01

Review: Razer Nari Ultimate headphones shakes up the competition — literally

Haptic feedback has been a part of console gaming for so long that it almost feels as if PC gamers are missing out. We’ve seen some attempts with gaming mice but Razer have opted for a different approach: headphones. The Razer Nari Ultimate are capable of giving your bass-heavy thumps ...

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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition - Review 01

Review — The Razer Kraken: Tournament Edition is way more than meets the eye

The Razer Kraken: Tournament Edition certainly is a solid set of headphones. High quality construction, crystal-clear audio, a plethora of customisation options, comfort… everything you’d usually expect from a Razer accessory. Usually. Although the Kraken does deliver on the above promises, it also suffers from issues atypical to Razer ...

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