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Review – Get into premium chairs with noblechairs’ EPIC SK Gaming edition

Chairs have grown into a hot business for gamers everywhere, their popularity propelled by esports and a tide of streamers vouching for their comfort. Where pioneering brands such as DXRacer once dominated the scene, the market has since exploded with new players from all over the world. Germany-based noblechairs ...

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Secretlab Throne and Omega chairs receive upgrades and price drop

Homegrown gaming chair manufacturer Secretlab have made some exciting changes to their Omega and Throne lines. The 2018 editions now feature improvements to inner cushioning, armrests, hydraulic piston, and aesthetics, while also driving direct sale prices down to $469 and $399 respectively. Both the inner cushioning (cold-cured foam) and ...

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Secretlab unveils the TITAN, their largest chair yet

Following the success of their OMEGA gaming chairs, homegrown manufacturer Secretlab has just announced their latest product: the TITAN. Ergonomics make or break a chair and the TITAN is no exception. Based on the best-selling OMEGA, Secretlab has modified the design to better suit taller users. It now comfortably seats ...

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Secretlab goes luxury with Omega Elite

The folks at Secretlab have probably outdone themselves again. With their flagship Omega gaming chair that was launched late last year, Secretlab has proven that they are no one-hit wonders (with their V1 and the much-improved V2 gaming chairs). So how do you top what many felt to be one ...

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