ESA Releases 2015 Report on US Videogame Industry

The ESA has publicly released a report titled “2015 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” (via MCV Pacific) that sheds some interesting data based on the US market. The ESA – which in this case refers to the Entertainment Software Association and not European Space Agency ...

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Global Gaming Industry worth over $100 Billion By 2017

The prediction comes from a new Global Games Investment Review by Digi-Capital, as reported by According to the report, mobile and online gaming will account for about 60 percent of the software market share, primarily led by strong growth in Europe and Asia. Looking through the firm’s Executive ...

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Kickstarter delays are “really healthy” for everyone

Certain crowdfunding woes are beneficial for everyone, it seems. In a report by Gamesindustry International, Kickstarter’s Cindy Au said during a GameHorizon Investment Summit panel that projects which are delayed or cancelled after reaching their funding targets are helping the platform mature. “I actually think it’s been really healthy ...

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