Idol group comes to Phantom of the Kill

Starting next month, fans of Japanese female idol group will get to see their favorite members represented in Fuji&gumi Games’ Phantom of the Kill. All six idols will be represented as original Phantom of the Kill characters in a crossover event called “Dempa-Jacked”, which begins on July 1 ...

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Phantom of the Kill out now for iOS and Android

After months of teasing, mobile tactical RPG Phantom of the Kill is now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices. The first release by Fuji&gumi Games, Phantom of the Kill focuses on a group of human weapons – “Killer Princes” and “Killer Princesses” – developed to combat an overwhelming ...

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Here’s a peek at Phantom of the Kill’s new Killer Princes

Back in October, gumi announced that the international version of Phantom of the Kill would launch with Killer Princes, male manifestations of Killer Princesses that go about ruining most demons’ day. We finally have a bit more information on three such individuals, including a handful of in-game screenshots. Need ...

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