FD2L Shoutcasting Contest: The Skinny On The Casters Pt 2

At the Alienware Arena today we were surprised to find out that three of the five casters we had yet to speak to had pulled out of the shoutcasting contest going on concurrently with the Flash Dota 2 Amateur League. mephisto50, FTW.CoCky and WaiYanHtaing had dropped out of the competition and vanished from ...

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FD2L Shoutcasting Contest: The Skinny On The Casters Part 1

Would television be television without its TV-show personalities like Oprah and Ellen? Definitely not. Neither would e-sports be e-sports without its shoutcasters. And Flash E-Sports has recognised that by introducing Singapore’s first Dota 2 shoutcasting competition. Conducted in tandem with the Flash Dota 2 League Season 1, the live-shoutcasting contest ...

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Armaggeddon Wades Further into E-Sports Pool with Grand Slam Asia 2013

Hot on the heels of the Armaggeddon CS:GO tournament held at last year’s IT Show in Singapore is the brand’s Grand Slam Asia 2013 tournament for Dota 2. The very recently announced tournament will have qualifiers all over Asia, even in countries further off like Sri Lanka, with finals culminating at ...

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