Civilization VI’s new launch trailer is here

Civilization VI’s launch is just around the corner now, and 2K and Firaxis Games have revealed the new launch trailer for it. The Launch Trailer features the Sid Meier’s Civilization VI theme music, ‘Sogno di Volare’ from Christopher Tin, If you recall, Christopher was also the Grammy award-winning composer ...

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App Assessment: Civilization Revolution 2 (iOS)

Consider this, back in 2009, the App Store was merely a year old. The most new-fangled of Apple's smartphones was looked up upon as the iPhone 3GS, and you only had so many phone models you could play the original Civilization Revolution for iOS on. Five years down the ...

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Review: Civilization V Gods & Kings (PC)

7/10 – It’s been a while since game companies have used the word ‘expansion’. It’s always DLC, and we’ve all been gamers long enough to know that DLC is typically an extra skin, or a new weapon, or if you’re lucky – a whole new mission.

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