Civ 6 Gathering Storm - 01

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm adds volcanoes, a World Congress, and more

Prepare to offer your entire weekends once again. Firaxis Games have crawled out of the development smithy to hold up Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, the second major expansion for the turn-based strategy game. It’s set to (literally) shake things up with a wide list of changes that include natural events, ...

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civilization vi rise and fall - review 01

Review – Rise and Fall builds upon the house that Civilization VI built

“Civ is a disease.” My gaming partner chuckles from the half-hearted joke, just as we marvel at how a mutual friend is still going at it. It was sometime between five and six on a weekend morning, and the only reason we were bidding goodbye was because we needed ...

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Preview — Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is primed to suck us back in

Sometimes, a title such as Civilization VI: Rise and Fall says it all. In Civilization VI, Firaxis “unstacked” the cities with specialized districts, while taking a paint brush to mechanics new and old. Research is now more of an active pursuit, culture remolded for civics and governance, and religion ...

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civilization vi fall 2017 update

Civilization VI homes in on SEA with Khmer and Indonesia

Southeast Asia gets the spotlight in the latest Civilization VI seasonal update. Available now for all PC players (“coming soon for Mac and Linux”), Firaxis has introduced the Khmer and Indonesia Civs to the turn-based strategy game, bringing with them new uniques, Wonders, and a scenario that plays on ...

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xcom 2 war of the chosen - key art

Review – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (PC) steers series down new direction

Unlike the previous game’s expansion, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen isn’t an ideal proving ground for newcomers. While it does make you start a new campaign, there’s so much new content layered on the many existing ones that it’s easily overwhelming. The strategy layer incessantly demands your attention ...

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E3 2017: XCOM 2 expansion ‘War of the Chosen’ coming 29 Aug

Right on time. Firaxis Games opened E3’s PC Game Show by announcing XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, an expansion that’ll be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 29 August this year. In a nutshell, creative director Jake Solomon said that War of the Chosen will ...

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Long War 2 out now, free mod revamps XCOM 2 experience

Pavonis Interactive has released Long War 2, an XCOM 2 mod that not only adds a new campaign but also introduces new elements to both the strategy and tactical layers. To use their description of it: Long War 2 is a significant overhaul of XCOM 2 aimed at giving ...

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Sean Bean on voice acting for Civilization VI

In Civilization VI, Sean Bean lives forever. The Hollywood star lends his voice all throughout the game, from inspirational spiels at loading screens to quoting Mark Twain and Monty Python in the technology tree. There’s just something soothing about having King Regis (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV) and Lord Eddard ...

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Civilization VI (PC) Review – One More Turn Please

Next turn. Like clockwork, my mind races through a mental checklist I’ve built over the course of three hours. Can I start research on a new technology? Is the factory at Kyoto almost done? Should I swap out policies now and oh god just how many apostles does Rome have? ...

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Civilization through the ages: 25 years of evolution

The celebrated Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise represents a cornerstone in gaming history, its 25-year run marked with accolades, Game of the Year awards, and a legion of fans who live by the “just one more turn” creed. A whole generation has grown up with the turn-based strategy series, so ...

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