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July’s Save the Date: Wolfenstein, Ultimate Alliance 3 and more!

Welcome one and all, to our new monthly Save the Date segment. In this, we highlight all the games coming out this month, and why you might want to keep an eye on them. Now, enough dilly dallying. Let’s check out the games of July 2019! Final Fantasy XIV: ...

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E3 2018: Final Fantasy 14 gets Monster Hunter World content this summer

Japan absolutely loves their collaborations, which is why fans of both Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World are getting to celebrate both this summer. Announced at Square Enix’s E3 live stream, the crossover event will see FF14 players exploring Eorzea with their very own Palico sidekick. They’ll need ...

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Weekend Wrap 20/10/2014

Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 2.4 and ‘Heavensward’ Expansion Over in Las Vegas, Squre Enix treated fans at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival to two trailers for their multi-platform MMORPG. The first is a lengthy eight-minute video detailing all that the massive Patch 2.4 will bring. On top ...

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