Final Fantasy Brave Exvius welcomes Lara Croft and 30M downloads milestone

Square Enix and gumi Asia’s Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has no qualms about looking westward for its in-game collaborations. This time, they’ve turned to gaming icon Lara Croft for a new character, event, and raid, just as the game celebrates hitting 30 million downloads. The crossover is tied to ...

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius X NieR: Automata Collaboration is now live

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius X NieR: Automata collaboration is now live. A total of six characters from NieR including, 2B, 9S, 21O and Adam will join the ever-growing cast of units of FF: Brave Exvius. Characters A2 and Eve are global exclusive characters. During this collaboration, players will face off against waves of ...

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What’s new in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius v2

Eight months and 20 million downloads after its global release, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius receives its first major update. Other than tweaking the summoning system, the core of every gacha-focused mobile game, Version 2 butters its moving parts with a long list of changes, ranging from gameplay additions to ...

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final fantasy brave exvius hiroki fujimoto

Interview: Hiroki Fujimoto on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Version 2

Free-to-play mobile RPG Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has just been updated to Version 2, headlined by a revamped summoning system that has the player base all abuzz. Now in its eighth month, the game recently courted attention for its collaboration with American pop superstar Ariana Grande, catapulting worldwide downloads ...

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final fantasy 30th anniversary art

Final Fantasy DLC, cup noodles, and other anniversary announcements

Square Enix held a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event in Tokyo, Japan, earlier this evening. Disappointingly, the closed-door, invite-only function was home to a long list of reveals that had more to do with their multi-media and franchising arm than with the games themselves. At least we’re getting new ...

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ariana grande final fantasy brave exvius

Ariana Grande now in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius until Feb. 2

Ariana Grande – American actress, award-winning singer, and one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People – has now made her move into videogames. A Final Fantasy Brave Exvius character inspired by her ‘Dangerous Woman’ album is currently attainable via an in-game event, with community milestone rewards further sweetening the ...

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Interview: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius producers Kei Hirono and Hiroki Fujimoto

Amid Square Enix’s whirlwind of Final Fantasy releases comes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a free-to-play mobile RPG that bridges past and present. Unlike the company’s previous traipses into mobile, this was a genuine attempt at recapturing the classic JRPG experience, with wonderfully rendered sprites, side quests, and an original ...

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Interview: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius composer, Noriyasu Agematsu

If you haven’t already heard, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a brilliant original soundtrack. It’s the sort you unknowingly hum along to after a couple of days, with tracks that deserve a distraction-free listen at least once. It’s astounding to think this is all for a free-to-play mobile game ...

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius out now

It’s time to polish those leather boots and mythril shields because Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is now available for iOS and Android devices. Co-developed by Square Enix and gumi, Brave Exvius sets to deliver a genuine Final Fantasy experience within the framework of games such as Brave Frontier. This ...

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Square Enix and Gumi announces Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, available this summer

The Final Fantasy brand has been buzzing back to life following Square Enix’s showcases for a remastered VII and the upcoming XV. The publishing giant has now announced that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a mobile title collaboration with gumi Inc., will be coming to English-speaking audiences this summer. Fans ...

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