Red Fight District 2013 Has The Best Trailer, Ever

Holy crap, the Red Fight District – the largest fighting game competition in the Netherlands – has churned out what could possibly be the most well-produced tournament trailer ever. Equipped with not just a solid storyline (well, solid enough for a trailer), it also conveys all info needed, and brings ...

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Singapore E-Sports League Off To A Running Start

The Singapore E-Sports League was honoured over the last weekend at the Nee Soon South 47th National Day Dinner. Team Desperation Move tournament representative Ho Kun Xian was on hand to receive an award on behalf of the Singapore E-Sports League.

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Singapore Marvel Players Square Off In 'Hair Match'

UPDATE July 20: It appears Chusan never agreed to a ‘hair match’, and instead has agreed to a FT_15 with Moca on their own private terms. The battle is still going on, sans the head shaving. You’ve seen big matches played for pride. You’ve seen tournaments played for prestige. ...

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