e3 2019 - fallout 76

E3 2019: Fallout 76 is finally getting NPCs and… a battle royale mode?

Rejoice, wastelanders! The age of random T-posing might not be over just yet, but the content drought certainly is. Bethesda dropped some huge Fallout 76 news at their E3 conference this morning, from content updates to a week-long free trial.  First off, a free ‘Wastelanders’ update arrives this fall ...

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It’s not over yet, Bethesda site leaks customer information

The #BagGate is now the least of Bethesda’s issues as a bug was discovered on their support site that reveals sensitive and private customer information. If you are one of the thousands of buyers who have sent complaints to Bethesda, you may have had the opportunity to view the ...

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Bethesda plans to send out replacement canvas bags after Fallout 76 uproar

A few weeks ago, the much-anticipated Fallout 76 launched worldwide to a whole bunch of controversy. However, it wasn’t just the gameplay and bugs that tested players’ patience. The contents of the Power Armor Edition also set off nukes of its own, especially over a promised canvas bag. Naturally, ...

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Bethesda could be sued for Fallout 76

The fallout from Fallout 76 isn’t over. A law firm is looking into filing a class action lawsuit against Bethesda for allegedly failing to provide refunds to disappointed buyers of Fallout 76. The law firm, Migliaccio & Rathod from Washington DC, claims that while Bethesda has provided refunds to ...

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Fallout 76 - Review 01

Review: You aren’t alone in Fallout 76 but you’ll wish you were

Fallout 76 isn’t the Fallout anybody was expecting. It’s neither Interplay’s original CRPGs nor Bethesda’s usual take on the series, but a poor attempt at chasing after the games-as-a-service trend. If you haven’t guessed it by now, that’s mostly a bad thing, but those open-minded enough might just enjoy ...

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Fallout 76 streamer manages to launch nuke…within the beta

It’s a pity I only have one pair of hands. Because I’d like to clap a lot more for Fallout streamer FrenchTomahawk. Last night was the last beta session for Fallout 76 before the game officially releases on November 14th. If you haven’t marked your calendars, now’s a great ...

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Fallout 76 PC beta to get 4 hours extra time on Thursday

Like every beta session, the first Fallout 76 session for PC was plagued by in-game bugs and glitches. However, in a stunning plot twist, the biggest problem didn’t come from within the game itself. It came from outside it. More specifically, the Bethesda launcher itself. This bug had the ...

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Fallout 76 - 01

Bethesda releases PC requirements for Fallout 76

A trillion thanks to you, Bethesda. Although the PC beta only drops on October 30th, they’ve done the community a huge favour by releasing the platform requirements way ahead of schedule. If anyone needs to do some last minute shopping, now’s as good a time as ever! Minimum Requires ...

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The GameAxis Playlist (November 2018): Xbox One

Welcome to the first instalment of our monthly game release snapshot for the Xbox One. Here’s what we’re keen on for the console this month! Red Dead Redemption 2 (26 Oct) Alright, so the first two games aren’t exactly releasing in November. But we still feel they deserve a ...

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