Represent Your Nation in the Dragon Nest World Championship

Nearly two years since the Southeast Asia launch of action-RPG MMO Dragon Nest, the time is now ripe for a special kind of fight. Cherry Credits and Shanda Games International have announced the inaugural Dragon Nest World Championship (DWC), where players across multiple service regions will battle it out ...

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TGX 2012: Shanda Games Steals The Show

Singapore’s annual Games eXpo (TGX) was held last weekend, and while it is arguably the most publicised gaming event of the year, its thunder as a games expo was stolen this year by Shanda Games International.

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Shanda Games Eye European Market

It looks like Dragon Nest will soon have EU servers. GamesIndustry International reported that Shanda Games yesterday purchased a majority stake in the Germany-based eFusion MMOG GmbH. At the same time, eFusion also announced an agreement with Eyedentity Games, the Korean developers of Dragon Nest.

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