Interview With Dragon Age Inquisition Creative Director

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition is out today, and while we spoke to Creative Director Mike about bringing Dragon Age to a new console generation, if we wil ever see a follow up to the Warden’s story, and how to deal with thousands of years of fictional mythology and conflicting canon. GameAxis: What ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition's First Impression

Last week, I was invited to play a nearly finished PlayStation 4 build of Dragon Age: Inquisition at an exclusive Electronic Arts media event. My reaction when I played the game for the first time? Wow, it’s huge. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third title in BioWare’s fantasy action RPG ...

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EA Delays Battlefield: Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition

EA has done it again – the release dates for Battlefield: Hardline and Dragon Age are going to be delayed. Battlefield: Hardline, which was initially set to release on October 21, 2014, will be released in “early 2015” instead. EA explains the delay in a blog post, saying, “We ...

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