You should watch the God of War documentary ‘Raising Kratos’

PlayStation has released a full-length documentary for last year’s God of War (our 2018 Game of the Year). The aptly named ‘Raising Kratos’ intimately records the five-year struggle of the developers at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios, and is a highly recommended watch for all. Kratos is without a doubt an iconic ...

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The History of the Power Glove in 27 Minutes

As the world edges closer to a new forefront in virtual reality, it’s apt to stop and look back on one of videogaming’s past attempts: the Power Glove. While ultimately a commercial failure, the Power Glove has transcended into a cultural icon featured in music, film, and even other ...

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World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary Is On YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment’s documentary on the immensely successful World of Warcraft is now available on YouTube! Spanning an hour long, ‘Looking for Group’ takes a look at the MMORPG’s storied history as well as the communities that formed under its wings. It begins with the cinematic reveal of Warlords of ...

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Ubisoft and Vice Present A Three-Part Documentary on Pirates

We’re awfully close to the release of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, where the game’s new setting is a much-needed breath of Caribbean air. A predominantly sea-based adventure and a cast of characters based on notorious 18th century pirates sounds awfully exciting, although here’s a question: just how well ...

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Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary

Capcom has released an hour-long documentary titled “I Am Street Fighter – 25 Years of Inspiration” last weekend, nearly lost in the tide of excitement from PAX Prime and STGCC. They’ve also been generous enough to upload it on YouTube, so you’ll find the entire video embedded down below. ...

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