Red Fight District 2013 Has The Best Trailer, Ever

Holy crap, the Red Fight District – the largest fighting game competition in the Netherlands – has churned out what could possibly be the most well-produced tournament trailer ever. Equipped with not just a solid storyline (well, solid enough for a trailer), it also conveys all info needed, and brings ...

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Xian Takes Street Fighting to Bangkok

Street Fighter enfant terrible Ho Kun Xian took home the gold at last weekend’s Thai-ger Uppercut tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. The professional fighting game player, better known by his handle DM MCZ Xian, had flown down to the City of Smiles just to compete. Backing him up for the ...

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Singapore Wants To Plant Her Flag On Two Countries This Weekend

Singapore REPRESENT! Our little red dot’s fighting game community is going up against Hong Kong in a 15 v 15 Street Fighter 4 battle this Saturday. 

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