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E3 2019: Devolver Digital brings more satire and indie games

Well… that was disturbing. But then again, it’s Devolver Digital. What’s new? Following up on last year’s video, 2019’s Big Fancy Press Conference starts with the the indie game publisher’s usual fare: hilarious expletives, over-the-top exaggeration and lots of gore. Context-wise it takes place inside the mind of fictional company ...

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You Can’t Escape Freedom! Broforce Launches Today

What’s better than one action movie star? An entire platoon of action movie stars. The Expendables movies breathed life into the concept but Broforce lets you live it in all its explosive, freedom-loving glory. On this day, on what folks across the Pacific Ocean are calling the “Fourth of ...

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Grab the Hotline Miami Gamer’s Edition Before it’s Too Late!

Digital distribution has been a positive turning point for videogames this past decade but there’s no denying the charm of owning something physical. Indie games have it particularly tough in that regard, which is where UK-based Gamer’s Edition comes in. You may have seen Gamer’s Edition mentioned before, either ...

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Devolver Digital’s Five-Part Indie Documentary (Plus GDC 2014 Sale Happening Now!)

Super Game Jam is the documentary by indie publisher Devolver Digital, the first episode of which debuts in April through Steam. In each of the 5 episodes, 2 game developers team up for 48 hours to jam a game that fits their given theme. And of course, these developers ...

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