Destiny’s First Expansion ‘The Dark Below’ Revealed

Where expansions are concerned this has to be the fastest announcement in existence. Bungie has released details about Destiny’s first expansion titled ‘The Dark Below’, merely three months after the game’s launch on consoles. Question is, does it pack enough content to be called an expansion? “Destiny was created ...

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This Week on PSN Asia (09/9): Destiny, Transistor and 50% Off Capcom Titles

Get extra gear for Destiny when you move in for a Day One PSN purchase, dive into a sci-fi RPG and get a whole bunch of Capcom titles for 30%-50% off this week on the PlayStation Network Store.

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Make It Your Destiny: Glacier White PS4 Coming To Singapore Sept 9th

SCEH announced the availability of the Glacier White PlayStation 4 in Singapore on September 9th. It will be part of a bundle pack with Bungie's upcoming first-person shooter, Destiny.

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