Origin has a free copy of Dead Space and a bunch of Lunar New Year deals

Visceral Games is no longer with us, and though their final moments may have been plagued by trouble, it behooves us to remember that they made one of the finest survival-horror experiences of the last decade: Dead Space. The game bowled over curious players with its fantastic atmosphere, cool ...

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Dead Space is “On the House” On EA’s Origin

The first Dead Space is, in my personal opinion, still the best of the series. The claustrophobic environments and excellent sound design all come together for a horrifying space romp.  If you’ve missed out on this boot-crunching experience, you can now play catch-up for free! EA’s Origin is kindly ...

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E3 2012: Electronic Arts Keynote Roundup

EA’s press conference fell a little flat compared to the rest (although we loved the Sim City presentations!) with its emphasis on sequels rather than fresh IPs, but that said we have to admit that these sequels look awesome nonetheless.

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