FD2L Season 1: Pro League Teams

Your teams for tomorrow’s Pro League Round of 8 showdown are: First Departure Zenith P+Z Grass Air.MX D2K DsD [L]ittle In a surprising turn of events, three out of the sixteen teams that played this morning did not show. Four in total were disqualified. Teams HARROSH 3.0, sohaijor, and Stars ...

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FD2L Shoutcasting Contest: The Skinny On The Casters Part 1

Would television be television without its TV-show personalities like Oprah and Ellen? Definitely not. Neither would e-sports be e-sports without its shoutcasters. And Flash E-Sports has recognised that by introducing Singapore’s first Dota 2 shoutcasting competition. Conducted in tandem with the Flash Dota 2 League Season 1, the live-shoutcasting contest ...

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Flash e-Sports Launches Dota 2 League, Sees Overwhelming Response

Flash E-Sports announced their Dota 2 league last Friday. With the dearth of well-run professional Dota 2 tournaments in the country, it comes as no surprise that the FD2L has since been overwhelmed with applicants. The 64-team tournament for the league’s already has 30 confirmed teams, with another 41 ...

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