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Wargaming calls for covers and remixes in Tank Factor music competition

Wargaming is about to dip its toes in some reality programming with Tank Factor, a music competition comprising of public voting, jury picking, and stage time with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. What a time to be alive. “As part of a total revamp of World of Tanks’ sound ...

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Don’t Miss: Monster Hunter Generations Launch

This week, Nintendo 3DS owners across the world are anticipatedly waiting for the English launch of Monster Hunter Generations, the 12th main entry in Capcom’s massively popular action-RPG. And what better way to revel in the occasion than with fellow local hunters?  This Sunday, July 17, Nintendo 3DS Singapore ...

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Don’t Miss: Pocket Racers GT Competition

The Mini 4WD dream continues on the digital racetracks of Pocket Racers GT, a mobile game that simulates all of the wrenching, testing, and racing that make up the hobby. This Saturday, July 9, join VenVici as they host a competition for Singapore’s aspiring players at Capitol Piazza. Over ...

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The future of e-Sports in Singapore

To most local gamers, Singapore has never been a hub for e-Sports. They have experienced far too many setbacks, far too many missed opportunities for lack of sponsorship, and they have become jaded. Ask any local gamer on the street – he or she will say that professional gaming, ...

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