You Can’t Escape Freedom! Broforce Launches Today

What’s better than one action movie star? An entire platoon of action movie stars. The Expendables movies breathed life into the concept but Broforce lets you live it in all its explosive, freedom-loving glory. On this day, on what folks across the Pacific Ocean are calling the “Fourth of ...

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Review: Shiftlings (PlayStation 4)

In Shiftlings, you play as a couple of little guys in spacesuits, connected by a hose.  In the game’s prologue, one of them drinks a can of ultra-fizzy cola and then blows up like a balloon.  For the rest of the game, the two Shiftlings are connected, always with one of them overinflated and ...

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Mac Owners Can Get Their RPG Fix with Divinity: Original Sin

Almost everyone’s baying at the gates now, waiting for the release of BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition – unless you happen to be playing it already (lucky you!) or own a Mac. If you’re the latter then don’t worry, here’s another great RPG for you to sink your teeth into. Larian ...

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