CES 2019: AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s RTX gaming cards is the AMD Radeon VII

AMD has introduced the next generation of its gaming GPUs, the AMD Radeon VII, built on enhanced 2nd-gen AMD Vega architecture. During AMD’s keynote at CES 2019, CEO Dr Lisa Su unveiled the AMD Radeon VII GPU that’s built on a 7nm manufacturing process – a first for any GPU. The immediate advantage ...

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CES 2019: Razer reveals Turret for Xbox One, 22 games now support keyboard and mouse

Remember when Microsoft announced keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One, saying they’ve partnered with Razer to get “best-in-class hardware” for the console? Well, that time has come. The Turret for Xbox One is the first official, wireless mouse and keyboard combo for the stout system. It’s a mechanical ...

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CES 2019: Razer chimes in with its new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis

After that SoftMiner stunt only a month ago, Razer are back on track with a flurry of tech announcements for CES 2019. One of their new products sitting in the spotlight are the new Tomahawk and Tomahawk Elite PC chassis. Designed and developed in-house, the Tomahawk is a traditional mid-tower chassis featuring ...

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CES 2019: MSI announces a truckload of new laptops

MSI isn’t one to let up on quality or, as their CES 2019 lineup proves, quantity. The brand has unveiled a massive lineup of new laptops such as the PS63 Modern, the GS Stealth, GT Titan, GE Raider, and the GL Series. However, it’s those first three that really pique our interest. ...

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CES 2019: Feast your eyes on ASUS ROG’s new PNK LTD gear!

And we thought ASUS ROG products couldn’t get any quirkier. After landing the Mothership laptop at CES 2019, they’ve followed things up with a new line of limited-edition gaming gear. Titled as the PNK LTD line, the items feature a light pink and grey palette that’s easy on the eyes. However, ...

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CES 2019: The ASUS ROG Mothership throws caution to the wind

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) hasn’t brought a gun to the gun fight; I think they’ve brought a tank. At CES 2019, it seems that most of the other tech companies such as LG, Samsung and Razer are sticking to “safer” plays — gaming monitors, accessories and conventional laptops. ...

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LG 38GL950G

LG has two new ultrawide monitors for CES 2019

The E3 of consumer hardware, CES 2019, is fast approaching to drown us all in announcement after announcement. News and teasers are already beginning to flow in up on the batting plate is LG with a new set of ultrawide monitors. For something specifically gaming there’s the LG 38GL950G (above), ...

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