Razer wows CES 2017 with triple-monitor laptop and room projection

For Razer, the Consumer Electronics Show is its playground. The “gamer lifestyle” company makes a point of grabbing tech and gaming headlines with products and ideas that just resonate with the little kid in all of us. So what could they possibly show so soon after releasing the revised Razer Blade ...

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E-BLUE unveils SCION-32, a hybrid monitor and tower

PC and gaming peripherals manufacturer E-BLUE has unveiled the SCION-32 at CES 2017. A hybrid between a 32-inch HD monitor and a mini-ATX tower, the innovative product will first hit the US market in Q1 2017 before expanding globally. The custom-built machine accepts Mini- and Micro-ATX motherboards, with room ...

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Nvidia introduces GeForce Now and updated Shield TV

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, brings out the latest and greatest in the world of hardware, setting the tone for the rest of the year and beyond. Technology giant NVIDIA was granted the coveted opening keynote for CES 2017, and while not everything had ...

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New Gaming Motherboards from ASUS

The world’s biggest consumer electronic show, CES 2017, starts this week and ASUS has fired the first salvo with the announcement of its complete 2017 lineup of Z270 motherboards. The Z270 motherboards are designed to maximize the potential of Intel’s 7th-Generation processors (also dubbed Kaby Lake processors). The new ...

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