Campus Game Fest 2016 - Floor

On the ground at Campus Game Fest 2016

Campus Game Fest 2016 is now underway at ITE College Central until this Sunday, June 26. Now in its fourth year, the event continues to be dominated by community-run activities and tournaments — of the few exhibitor booths available, most are concentrated near the entrance. Curious to see what lay in store for visitors, we slowly ...

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Campus Game Fest 2016 - Opening

Campus Game Fest 2016 opens with focus on eSports and community

Once again, ITE College Central’s multi-purpose hall has transformed into a community hub for gamers of all stripes and ages. Campus Game Fest 2016 (CGF 2016) started on a celebratory note as Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, officiated the event with a VIP entourage. She noted ...

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Campus Game Fest 2016 announced, features amateur Street Fighter V tournament

Campus Game Fest 2016 is confirmed for 24–26 June, this time pairing up with PlayStation Asia to offer a Street Fighter V amateur tournament. That’s on top of the hearty mix of exhibitions, competitions, and community events that have all been held at ITE College Central for the past ...

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