Fallout 76 PC beta to get 4 hours extra time on Thursday

Like every beta session, the first Fallout 76 session for PC was plagued by in-game bugs and glitches. However, in a stunning plot twist, the biggest problem didn’t come from within the game itself. It came from outside it. More specifically, the Bethesda launcher itself. This bug had the ...

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Latest Xbox One Update Came With a Video Bug

The Xbox One update released last weekend brought a great deal to the table in terms of features and system functionality, adding things such as USB keyboard support and an improved social interface. Unfortunately, users are lately discovering that all that goodness came bundled with a screen-blanking bug. The ...

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Riot Temporarily Disables LoL Champion Yasuo

Just a month after his introduction, League of Legends champion Yasuo is now temporarily disabled due to a game-breaking bug. The character’s ultimate ability, Last Breath, was shown to immobilize targeted enemy champions for varying amounts of time. Riot announced this morning that they’re working on a fix but ...

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