Turn-based strategy Legends of Callasia now on Android tablets

Boomzap Entertainment’s cross-platform strategy game, Legends of Callasia, has officially launched for Android mobile tablets. Legends of Callasia is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game blending Sid Meier’s Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, and the board game Risk. You will lead fantastical heroes and armies across land and sea, ...

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Impressions: Swift conquest in the Legends of Callasia's beta

Boomzap Entertainment’s Legends of Callasia is in its final week of fundraising on Kickstarter. Unfortunately the campaign isn’t doing too well, as early momentum slowed to a crawl in the days before Christmas. Perhaps it’s a victim of the holiday season, the growing caution with crowdfunding, or simply unfair ...

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Legends of Callasia now on Kickstarter with multiplayer demo

Boomzap Entertainment have returned to Kickstarter for Legends of Callasia, a world conquest strategy game featuring both board and card game elements, playable on desktop and tablet computers. Legends of Callasia sets out to scratch that strategy itch without demanding an entire evening or more. Boomzap cites games such ...

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