This could have been the Star Wars combat space sim we have been looking for

There’s no argument about the beauty of Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s space combat elements. But it is no X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, the pinnacle of space combat sims set in a Star Wars universe. Enter a video pitch by game studio Double Damage to Electronic Arts, to recreate an X-Wing-ish space ...

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Star Wars Battlefront II’s Official Release Details and More

Mark this date, November 17 2017, on your calendar. At the Star Wars Celebration, Electronic Arts and LucasFilm announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will release on November 17, 2017 worldwide. But first, let’s watch the official reveal new trailer. Developed by the studios DICE, Motive and Criterion, each handling different components of the ...

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EA’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II trailer leaked

The leaked Star Wars Battlefront II trailer is bound to have many Star Wars fan salivating. The game looks like it will feature characters and scenes from the entirety of the Star Wars movies, from episode 1-7. Perhaps the biggest news of all is the inclusion of a single-player ...

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