e-Sports Team [Bf.Nut] To Play At DreamHack Winter '12

e-Sports team [Bf.Nut] will be playing in the AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 DreamHack Winter ’12 Masters tournament this weekend.

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E3 2012: Electronic Arts Keynote Roundup

EA’s press conference fell a little flat compared to the rest (although we loved the Sim City presentations!) with its emphasis on sequels rather than fresh IPs, but that said we have to admit that these sequels look awesome nonetheless.

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Is A Mobile WCG Really Such A Bad Thing?

News of the WCG going mobile-only broke last week, in the form of a leaked letter from Brad Lee, CEO of the WCG, to the festival’s partners. We were sincerely hoping it was an April’s Fool (then) joke – since the news seemed too incredulous – but it looks ...

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