Black Clover: Quartet Knights announce 01

Bandai Namco reveals Black Clover: Quartet Knights for PC and PS4

The year isn’t quite yet over for Bandai Namco Entertainment, who have squeezed in one final announcement for 2017. Black Clover: Quartet Knights, based on the manga and recent anime adaptation, is “a third-person magic shooting game” headed to Southeast Asia for PC and PS4 in 2018. Here’s the ...

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dragon ball fighterz beerus

Dragon Ball FighterZ gets an open beta on 13-16 Jan

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia have announced the open beta schedule for Dragon Ball FighterZ, the next highly-anticipated fighting game from Arc System Works. The client will be available for download on 12 January 2018, followed by pre-order early access on 13 Jan. and public access on 14 Jan. The ...

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kamen rider climax fighters review 01

Review – Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters (PS4) is one for the fans

Confession time: I’ve not seen a Kamen Rider episode since I was a kid in the ‘80s. It was the Malaysian version, which I highly doubt was accurate, and all I remember at this point are Kamen Rider Black’s fiery punch and his flying kick.  In other words, I’m ...

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ni no kuni ii revenant kingdom brineskimmer

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom pushed back to 23 March

There’s been a change of plans for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Initially penned for a January 2018 release, Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that the RPG has been pushed back to 23 March instead, citing a need to meet quality standards. “As you all know, Level-5 is ...

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sword art online: fatal bullet key visual

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet drops on 23 February, Collector’s Edition revealed

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet releases simultaneously for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 23 February 2018, announced Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia. Accompanying the news are details on the physical Collector’s Edition and additional information about the game. Fatal Bullet will be available digitally and as two physical ...

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gintama rumble screenshot

Gintama Rumble unveils its first trailer and fan-voted DLC

Gintama Rumble rolls out on 18 January for Southeast Asia, revealed Bandai Namco Entertainment. New details for the PlayStation 4 game include its first promotional trailer, Japanese rock band Spyair, and a Day-1 bonus DLC that would leave 2D girls furiously blushing. Dubbed the “Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong ...

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Review – Gundam Versus (PS4) is strictly a fan service affair

Gundam Versus should be the epitome of Gundam games. Mobile suits from Universal Century and the other timelines all in one title? How could it go wrong? Yet somehow it did, and while not a complete disaster this game is nowhere near what it could have been. Like the name ...

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TGS 2017: The exhaustive guide to TGS -Part II-

With Tokyo Game Show 2017 all wrapped up, it’s time to take stock of the updates and reveals that came from the four-day convention. To follow-up on our previous post: there were no new major announcements over the public days. While we did get some interesting stage events out ...

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