asus rog 2019

Secure your competitive edge with ASUS ROG’s updated gaming lineup

My, my… if it isn’t ASUS ROG. It looks like the Republic of Gamers are back from the technical garage with some new kit. For those who’ve been eyeing a new gaming rig, grab a chair — you might be here awhile. ASUS ROG have recently rolled out new ...

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WarriorsGaming Unity and Execration to represent APAC in ASUS ROG Masters Global Finals

WarriorsGaming Unity and Execration will represent the APAC region in the ASUS ROG Masters Global Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in December. This is after both team secured the top two spots in the ASUS ROG APAC Qualifier in Manila, Philippines, over the weekend. But there were still pride and bragging rides ...

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ASUS ROG’s new line of gaming motherboards targets both hardcore and mainstream gamers

ASUS has revealed its new line-up of Intel Z370 motherboards, which supports Intel’s 8th-generation Coffee Lake processors. ASUS’ range is diverse as it caters to everyone from extreme overclockers to casual gamers looking for a reliable board. We were invited to the launch event in Kuala Lumpur earlier this ...

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Esports heats up at STGCC 2017 with the ROG Masters SG Finals

Taking center stage at STGCC’s gaming zone is the ROG Masters 2017 Singapore Qualifiers, a set of tournaments jointly organized by ASUS and Gam3.Asia. As with any good convention showing, the stakes were relatively high. Day 1 saw the climactic end of a three-week journey for local Counter-Strike: Global ...

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